It wouldn't be that much of a surprise if nothing but a series of unfortunate events occurs in a video for a song entitled 'S---,' and that pretty much happens for the most part in Future's latest, expletive-laden clip.

The things that occur are in an atmosphere that's so malevolent that Future is forced to shoot a number of scenes where he just stares intensely into the camera -- sans the sunglasses. In this clip, Future performs the terse yelps of his hooks in front of the fence of a house party with attendees who are presumably "about s---."

That's pretty much the most positive part of the visual. In other scenes, Future rolls up in a hearse -- out of all the vehicles he can afford he chooses that one? -- and enters a house full of dangerous-looking men. He later hits a pool hall where the hosts don't look like they take too kindly to guests.

Future comes out of the scenarios unscathed though, which is more than what can be said for some of the other features in the video. One man gets bound and robbed in his apartment by a gang of all-black-clad females. Then in the climax, Future gets into a vehicular collision with a facially scarred male. The man is badly injured, but for some reason, Future rises from the wreckage in some sort of music video miracle.

Future's sophomore effort, 'Honest,' is out in stores Nov. 26.