Future has been on a rampage as of late. After revealing that would he drop his new album Dirty Sprite 2 on July 17, the promo is going strong. Today he reveals the first of a five-part documentary titled Like I Never Left, which highlight his triumphs and miscues leading up to this point. In Pt.1, the rapper speaks candidly with journalist Elliott Wilson about his failed relationship with Ciara.

Not only did the two thrive together romantically, musically, their chemistry was unmatched. Future collaborated with Ciara on their hit "Body Party," and watched it crescendo on the Billboard charts. Still, after the song's successful, a leery Ciara wanted to step back from working with Future and Mike WiLL Made-It, according to the rapper.

"She didn't want us to be a part of it at first," Future explained. "Like damn, we just came off a No. 1, and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him?"

Despite Future's insistence, he said that Ciara was hungry to regain her pop status, so she abandoned her "Body Party" sound in hopes of elevating her stock.

On the relationship front, things got rocky, as well. Future reveals that Ciara was pressed on having an extravagant wedding that required massive media attention -- that didn't sit well with him. "I'm not finna get married," he said. "I wanna marry you but I can't have no big wedding on E! News," he added. The "F--- Up Some Commas" rhymer acknowledged that he wasn't ready to marry Ciara because he didn't feel comfortable career-wise, stating that he had more to accomplish.

Watch Future sip his tea as he opens up about his struggles with Ciara above.

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