Future said his sophomore effort will be titled 'Honest' to represent "the truth I try to bring to my music.” This doesn't mean it's going to be a completely introspective project, though. There's bits of it in the title track, but perhaps the real honesty comes from the straightforwardness of his melodic lyrics about the rockstar life's thrills.

It seems like it's going to be an emotional cut with the opening keys combined with the high-pitched cooing at the beginning, but it quickly gives way to a thumping beat to show Future isn't quite ready to leave the club yet.

Future then displays a winning formula -- a concoction of druggy vocals and cadence -- similar to what he used on 'Pluto.' He raps "Coupes all on coupes, I’m just honest," before crooning, "I tell the truth," out of nowhere in a completely different tone. He's cutting through the cold, materialistic atmosphere with a glimmer of emotional nakedness here.

'Honest' drops on Nov. 26.

Listen to Future's 'Honest'