Since breaking out in 2012, with the turn-up jams 'Same Damn Time' and 'Tony Montana,' Future has been popping bands (aka money) on the daily. His new mixtape 'Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie,' is an aural film about living the baller life.

Hosted by DJ Drama, the collection also introduces fans to artists on his Freeband Gang label with Epic Records. In addition, the mixtape co-stars heavyweight rappers Drake, Wale, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.

While some people may find Future's abundant use of Auto-Tune annoying, one thing's for sure, the Atlanta rapper knows how to make you bounce uncontrollably with his bass-heavy songs. Some of the standout tracks on here include 'Fo Real,' 'Ceelo,' 'Mark McGwire,' 'Bitches Love Me' and 'You Wonder.'

One interesting song, 'See It to Believe It,' features R&B singer Sisqo (remember him?). On it, Future raps of reaching to the top by any means necessary.

"Ain't nothin' change about the kid but my residence / I'm a Free Bandz president / I'm in London and France, like I'm back in the hood / They greet me like an astronaut and it's understood / I'm outta here, ain't never gonna come to earth again / Everything's gonna be designer, I was born to win," he raps.

Future's movie needed a love interest, so we're surprised that his rumored girlfriend Ciara is nowhere to be found on the mixtape. Oh well, there's always the sequel.

Listen to Future's 'Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie' Mixtape