Fantasia took part in BlogXilla’s No Judgment series to help promote her new album, ‘Side Effects of You.’ The songstress revealed details on how she linked up with Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland for her new song, ‘Without Me.’

In the interview, Fantasia, who currently has the No. 2 album in the country with ‘Side Effects of You,' gets turnt up to Ace Hood’s ‘Bugatti.’ BlogXilla shows off his flirting skills with the singer, tries to win a date and he learns her favorite Kool-Aid flavor is grape.

As far as Missy and Kelly go, their collaboration on ‘Without Me’ was pretty seamless. “I told my producer, I just need you to get on the keys, I need to go in," she explains. "I need something hard, I need something hood and so we began to create the track. I recorded the whole song and we decided that we wanted two ladies on the track with me, so of course, Missy Elliott, being a friend of mine, she gave me my first hit, ‘Free Yourself,’ and we’ve been friends ever since.

"I called her and said, ‘I need you to put some heat on this record.’ And of course Kelly [Rowland], another black beautiful woman…”

She goes on to disclose how the concept for ‘Without Me’ came about. “Exactly what I said in the song,” Fantasia admits. “You stuntin’. Everything you doing, I put you on to that. So, you stuntin’, where would you be without me. Go ahead and get your shine time now, but it’s going to die soon because there is no talent. You are just stuntin’ because of me.”

                                         Listen to Fantasia's 'Without Me'

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