Going up against some tough competition, Drake's 'Take Care' won the Grammy for Best Rap album at the 2013 award ceremony Sunday night.

Beating Nas' 'Life is Good,' Lupe Fiasco's 'Food & Liquor II,' the Roots' 'Undun,' Rick Ross' 'God Forgives, I Don't' and 2 Chainz' 'Based on a T.R.U. Story,' Mr. Champagne Papi took home the honors.

'Take Care' was a great album with hits like 'Headlines,' 'HYFR' and, of course, the drunk ex-boyfriend anthem 'Marvin's Room.' Boasting solid features from Andre 3000 on 'The Real Her,' and the Rihanna-assisted title track, this album couldn't be denied.

So the next time you hear someone criticize "emotional rap," point to this victory and tell 'em to kick rocks.






Watch Drake's 'Marvin's Room' Video