In 2011, Drake used his album cut 'Lord Knows' to express his indifference towards wearing his heart on his sleeve: "I know that showing emotion don't ever mean I'm a p----." He may be right, but the Young Money star is always ready for love and according to rumors, Drizzy has fallen once again.

When 'Second Generation Wayans' star Tatyana Ali celebrated her 34th birthday at L.A.'s Supperclub on Jan. 29, the two were spotted looking pretty amorous. The flicks that were taken by a fellow party-goer show Drake hugging the former 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' actress from behind and kissing her cheek as she grins brightly.

The pictures definitely look as if something romantic is going on between the two. In other reports, they stuck to each other all night, had a few glasses of bubbly and left together.

In mid-January, Ali cleared up the rumors after a Huffington Post article was published that alluded to a possible interest in Drake.

She told Black America Web that her comment was misinterpreted. "Me and my friends fight over him," she says with a laugh, "It’s his voice. When I feel really sad and lonely I put on Drake. I wrote on HuffingtonPost that I would stalk him not that we we’re dating, that’s totally different."

But two weeks later these pictures surface from her birthday party and the two child stars may actually be dating after all. We're sure Heartbreak Drake will spill the beans soon enough -- maybe he can time it with the release of his new single on Grammy night.

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