Undoubtedly, Drake made "YOLO" one of the most ubiquitous catchphrases in 2012, after debuting the word in the song 'The Motto,' off his sophomore set, 'Take Care,' released in 2011. The acronym for "You Only Live Once" was uttered by hundreds of wayward teens usually after they experienced an act of reckless abandon. Well, now Drizzy thinks it's time he receives some cash for its use.

While everyone was opening Christmas presents on Dec. 25, Drake, via his Instagram, posted a couple of photos of merchandise emblazoned with YOLO (see above and below), which were snapped at Walgreens and Macy stores. The Toronto native demanded that both stores pay up. "Walgreens....you gotta either chill or cut the cheque," he wrote. "Macy's...same goes for you."

First up, we're kind of surprised that the Young Money superstar shops at big-box stores considering his expensive taste in clothes and women. But as Gawker points out, it could be one of his YOLO spies keeping track of the department stores making money off his catchphrase.

However, it's unclear if Drake actually owns the trademark to "YOLO" since it's a slang term that originated from the Bay Area. There's over 100 YOLO trademark applications in the U.S. for everything from vodka to surf boards to cologne.

A YOLO fragrance? What's the tag line, "You only smell once"?

Nevertheless, Drake probably won't sue the stores in question, but it's apparent he wishes he patented "YOLO" before releasing his chart-topping hit single, 'The Motto.'


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