Some rappers have all the luck. Today, Drake shared the news that he was pulled over by a "cute" female police officer.

The 'Nothing Was the Same' creator used Instagram to share a video of the incident.

"Mrs. Officer on a draw down ting. #BwoyDem #ActuallyGyalDem #NeedAFrontPlate #ExcuseToPullOverTheBoy #LovedHerSmile #HatedHerAccent #NWTS," Drake wrote as a caption for his video.

It's hard to tell exactly where the rapper was pulled over or if he really needed new front plates, but it appears to be in his hometown of Toronto.

"It's too early for this," Drake is heard telling someone else in the car. He then comments on the cop's physical appearance. "She's cute too." It's clearly never too early for him to get his flirt on.

Somewhere, Lil Wayne's 'Mrs. Officer' is playing.