"I need somebody new to penetrate," Drake reveals when asked about his dating life last night during an interview on 'Chelsea Lately.'

The rapper, who speaks with host Chelsea Handler to promote his new album, 'Nothing Was the Same,' was in an honest mood. He gives some memorable lines, including the fact he is "way past" sleeping with former flame Rihanna. "We’re way past that. I need somebody new to penetrate, by the way. You always bring up the old flings. I need somebody new," he says while flirting with Handler.

Drake had nothing but love for another lady in his life, Nicki Minaj, and explains that her absence on his album was nothing personal. "I kinda took control of this album and tried to tell my story as much as possible and do as many of the verses with just myself. I felt like I had a lot to say. I do talk about Nicki on this album and how fond I am of her. I love her very much but I did sort of try and take charge of this album myself," he said.

He also shares some personal information about his past, telling the audience that he did not grow up privileged as is often rumored. "I grew up in a nice neighborhood, but my family didn’t have money. That’s like a common misconception. People think I grew up wealthy or rich. I didn’t grow up rich... We only had the basement of these other people’s house."

Started from the bottom.

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