Drake was throwing salary money -- no taxes withheld -- at a Charlotte strip club over the weekend.

The rapper was in town for the CIAA basketball championships and performed at Cameo nightclub. He then brought out cardboard boxes full of dough to spread everywhere.

Of course, the millionaire OVO head honcho is expected to make it rain anyway, but who would have thought he would throw out $50,000.

At some point, the money covered a majority of the club's floor. Drizzy looked like emptying the green on the ground was like throwing pocket change in pictures that surfaced online.

According to TMZ, fellow rapper Bleu Davinci added another $25,000 for a total of $75,000. Not sure how many girls were working that night, but it's certain everyone left the club happy.

Prince Williams, ATLpics.net
Prince Williams, ATLpics.net

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