Dawn Richard isn't holding back on her upcoming album 'Goldenheart.' To hold fans over until the project debuts Jan. 15, the former member of the Bad Boy girl group Danity Kane and Dirty Money releases 'The Preface: Goldenheart Sampler.' The extended 22-minute track plays a few seconds of each cut from her album.

A listen to 'The Preface' finds Dawn staying cool when singing about her life journey and destiny. Her pain is honest when she loses love. She's also uber-confident in breaking down how she wants it in the bedroom. On one EDM-tinged beat, she pumps her way through the song repeating, "Let's start a riot."

There's a song for every mood on this album, including '86' and 'Pretty Wicked Things.' The effort even maintains a mid-tempo vibe throughout. Dawn embodies futuristic soul with a cinematic feel that crosses genres. The tracks are full of pop, R&B, hip-hop, electronic, and even jazz sounds, which can be heard on the outro.

'Goldenheart' features production from collaborator Druski, D'Mile and the Fistcuffs, who have worked with the likes of Miguel and Jhene Aiko.

Dawn Richard started the year off hard, dropping her 'Whiteout EP' just last week. In 2011, she released the mixtape 'The Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart.'

Listen to Dawn Richard's 'The Preface: Goldenheart Sampler'

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