Dawn Richard has evolved into her true self and the product is evident on her debut solo album, 'Goldenheart.' The golden one's journey through the years has been more of a tortoise than a hare -- slow and steady.

Everyone remembers the Danity Kane days, their disbandment and then her short stint in the Diddy-led Dirty Money. Venturing out on her own since last year, Dawn's likability and consistency has garnered her a loyal fan base, and she boasts a Twitter following of over one million. Pair that with true talent and she's not going to be easily plucked from a music industry where artists are recycled easily. She's owning her spot.

'Goldenheart' is cohesive and her approach is filled with fantasy as she sings on love and life. On the hand-clappy pop track 'Gleaux,' she proclaims, "...Baby let's illuminate / Show 'em that we were meant to glow."  On the more R&B feeling track 'Frequency,' her connection with her special person is so strong that she describes it as "Static when we touch / So magnetic when we love." Dawn doesn't want to fight a love that's pulling her in on ''86' singing, "Some things change babe, somethings stay the same/ sometimes love wins, sometimes it's a losing game."

Overall, the album is what we expect from Dawn. There's no surprises but she stays the course.

Listen to Dawn Richard's 'Goldenheart' album here.

Watch Dawn Richard's ''86' Video

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