Is Chris Brown gang affiliated? According to TMZ, he's been allegedly promoting a subset of a Los Angeles gang called the Pirus while out in Hawaii. WTF?

Apparently, while Breezy was in Honolulu on Thursday (Aug. 22) for a scheduled concert, he was driven to an area where he could spray paint "legally." The singer then created a mural of his infamous monster characters and underneath he wrote, "Fruits Piru," a nod to Bloods-affiliated Fruit Town Piru gang. He also created a monster-like police car with "F--- police" on top of the hood.

This bit of news follows Brown's prior Twitter rant in which he accused Beyonce of stealing his dance moves. Brown tweeted his loyalty to Piru gang in his tirade and encouraged Queen Bey to collaborate with him. "Beyonce, U might as well go ahead and do this collab. JAY might have a problem wit it but this Piru!” he wrote with a link to a Vine video of Bey performing onstage.

The 'Fine China' crooner also sent some heated tweets to the Los Angeles District Attorney who is making him do community labor.

Brown deleted all of those incriminating tweets, which is not very gangster of him, but we digress.

To clarify, Brown expressing his loyalty to a gang doesn't violate his probation, but it does beg the question -- why would a multiplatinum-selling artist want to be part of a gang?

It's not a good look for an artist his stature. Why, Chris Brown, why?

In other news, Brown tweeted that a famous filmmaker could be directing his future biopic.

Talk about a boy n the hood.