It looks as if Chris Brown has given up the fight against his neighbors over his graffiti-covered crib in Los Angeles. After battling a neighborhood group for several months, he decided to remove the colorful artwork by choice.

While the 'Fine China' singer fought diligently to keep his unique art of monsters and goblins on display, citing First Amendment Rights, city workers were spotted painting over the graffiti.

As we previously reported, city authorities threatened to slap Breezy with a $376 fine if he didn't remove the artwork off the side of his house within 30 days. If he didn't comply, it would increase. Neighbors say the graffiti was frightening children in the community.

“There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened. It's like devils on the wall -- big scary eyes and big scary teeth, and just the whole vibe is not what we're used to,” said Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Assn.

However, a source told TMZ that Brown remains defiant, which could mean that he might put up a community-friendly mural on his house.

In the end, Brown doesn't get fined and the neighbors won't have to look at what they deem as an eye sore in the community.