Chris Brown has been going through some legal ups and downs as of late, but he found time to record a new song. Fresh from the studio, Breezy gave his fans a preview of his latest creation.

On his Chris Brown Channel, the singer uploaded a video of him, shirtless and puffing on a cigarette, rocking out to his new tune, 'Go to War for Ya.'

The smooth R&B song boasts a mellow keyboard groove and Breezy rapping about thwarting the haters and keeping his girl safe by his side.

"I'm just a little n---- from a small town. I try to keep a small circle but these f--- n----- always try to come around," he raps, adding, "What’s the point in me havin’ a crown if you ain’t got a throne? / To be a king, you need a queen, now I’m gone."

On the hook, Brown sings, "I'm ready to go war for ya / I'ma be a warrior / I'ma make sure you are safe with me."

No word if the song is going to appear on his next project, 'X,' which is due to hit stores Aug. 20.

Brown just released his new single, 'Love More,' which features Nicki Minaj.