It's hardly a secret that Chris Brown borrows a lot of his musical inspiration from Michael Jackson-- thankfully, he uses it well, adding to the icon's legacy.

As Breezy prepares for the upcoming release of his 'X' album, the singer returns to the sound that made him famous in the first place on the lead single 'Fine China.'

The track, produced by Roccstar and PK, has a sort of zippy, synth-heavy sound -- making it perfect for the club. Brown sounds as smooth as ever, easily taking on the vibe of the track without letting the busy production outshine his voice.

The crooner told MTV News, "It's comparing a woman to how priceless and delicate she is. This song is more of a chivalry kind of record, being more of a gentleman, taking that approach of catering to the woman, having more of that love element."

The 'Forever' creator implemented that idea in front of the cameras as well when he directed the video for the track, which dropped early Monday morning (April 1).

The visual starts off with an Asian girl being scolded by her father for hanging out with 'that thug.' His complaints fall on deaf ears though as Breezy pulls up to the house in his flashy sportscar. The girl runs out to join Chris in dancing the night away, but of course that isn't the last of the drama either of them will have to deal with for the evening.

There's a lot of dancing. And fighting. And dance fighting. It's sort of hokey but for those of us who grew up on MJ, it makes perfect sense why Brown would go in this direction for the video.

Plus, why shouldn't he bust a move in every other scene? The multi-talented singer and dancer still hasn't lost a step.

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Fine China'

Watch Chris Brown's 'Fine China' Video