Chance the Rapper hasn't even released a studio album yet and he's already had the type of critical acclaim and popularity a lot of rappers dream of having. Case in point: His mixtape 'Acid Rap' charted on Billboard and it wasn't even on sale.

The Chicago rhymer's latest success is being on the cover of Complex's October/November 2013 issue. This isn't the first time he's been featured on a big time publication's cover as he's been featured on British magazine Dazed & Confused.

The cover plays off Chance the Rapper's more psychedelic themes; he's featured near bug-eyed staring blankly at the camera while throwing up what appears to be recording tape.

The picture is captioned, "Chance the Rapper Is About to Explode," which is accurate since he hasn't secured a record deal as of yet. He's also been generating a massive amount of buzz thanks to successful releases like 'Acid Rap' and solid features like 'You Song' with Lil Wayne on his 'Dedication 5' mixtape.'

The accompanying story -- entitled 'Acid Test' -- focuses on his routines during his tours, his upbringing in Chicago, and the tragic death of his friend and how it brought him and his father closer together.

The story in its entirety can be read over at Complex.

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