Celebrities have glam squads, which usually means an army of stylists and makeup artists at their disposal. They usually spare no expense to look their absolute best with the assistance of the most artistic and beautifying products on their market. They're constantly photographed, so they need to look good at all times. But they're also human and there are times when they're seen without makeup.

Most celebs look flawless when stepping onto red carpets, when out and about at events or at casual dinners where the paparazzi is known to hang. While the majority of stars would prefer not to be photographed without a full face of makeup, there is never a shortage of shots of famous ladies with naked faces.

Many of these snaps are shared by the celebs themselves, thanks to the onset of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and social media, where they connect and communicate directly with fans.

Posting photos of themselves without makeup allows their adoring public to see their natural beauty. The images also makes the celebs seem a little more "real" to us. It's also fun to see how she "really" looks without the false eyelashes, layers of smoky eye shadow, several coats of mascara and a few swipes of megawatt shiny lip gloss.

Beyonce and Rihanna regularly share shots of themselves when makeup-free, while others are snapped unintentionally.

Check out this array of photos of some of your favorite hip-hop and R&B ladies as they go makeup-less.

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