Rapper Ca$h Out, known for his hit 'Cashin' Out' earlier this year, is back for more with his 'Keisha' mixtape today.

The project has features from French Montana, Diamond and Gucci Mane, among others.

On the track 'The Curb,' featuring Gucci, Ca$h Out warns of how hard hustlers go when they're in their territory and they'll "buss your head" in the process.

The Diamond-assisted 'Drip' has less than clever dirty talk from the rapper who spits, "I'm the janitor, hey, let me mop you up." Diamond contributes her overconfident lines saying she prefers her body worked with that "gangsta s---."

With a Ziploc bag full of greenery on the cover of Ca$h Out's mixtape, it's no longer a mystery who -- or what -- Keisha is, for those who thought the rapper was rhyming about a woman this whole time.

Ca$h Out, who is currently signed to Epic Records, will release his official debut album, 'Patience' next year.

Download his 'Keisha' mixtape here.

Listen to Ca$h Out's Keisha' Mixtape

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