Rappers these days are jetsetters after their first couple of hits. Even if they aren’t international travelers right away, artists like Ca$h Out create worldly fantasies through their lyrics.

As he prepares for the upcoming release of his debut album, ‘Patience,’ the Epic Records signee is basking in the budding success of his latest single, ‘Another Country.’ “It’s definitely growing,” Ca$h Out tells TheDrop.fm while at MixShow Live in Atlanta. “It’s climbing up the charts really fast. It’s in the [No.] 20s now so that’s definitely a blessing.”

The Future-assisted track is sure to put Ca$h Out on a whole new level, maybe even earning him some new stamps on his passport -- at least, that’s what he’s hoping. “It’s another worldwide song,” he adds with a grin. “We talkin’ ‘bout another country so it’s bound to take us to another country. It’s just a great single to lead the ‘Patience’ album.”

But it’s more than just a club banger. Ca$h Out really does have dreams of touching down in a couple of other countries -- the top two he named are in a whole other hemisphere. “Definitely Russia,” he reveals. “I saw a video of a show Rihanna did out there. They give you a great response and actually love people that come over there to perform.”

The second? “Amsterdam definitely because of the Keisha there,” he says, laughing. “You know we’re going to the coffee shop as soon as we land!”

'Ya Feel Me?' Ca$h Out's new mixtape, arrives Sept. 16.

Listen to Ca$h Out's 'Another Country'