New Bodega Bamz material has slowed down a bit since the release of last year's 'Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.' mixtape. However, that's because he's currently working on a follow-up with the likes of producers A$AP P, John Boy, Slash Major and !llmind -- who collaborated with Kanye West and Pusha T for 'The Morning' on 'Cruel Summer.' Today, the Spanish Harlem, N.Y., MC finally drops a new track with visuals to go along with it.

The new song, 'Mi Casa,' starts off as a minimalist beat produced by !llmind. He uses a similar key riff to the one he uses on 'The Morning,' but splashes it with an impeding bass line, a brooding synth and some atmospheric vocal samples. Bamz mixes restrained threats ("There's a time to be humble and a time to let guns go") and a catchy hook ("You ain't got no wins in mi casa").

The accessible chorus is contrasted by the gritty video. In the clip, Bamz trains for a fight in a rundown locale while hanging with his Tanboys in an alleyway. He's also seen with a bottle of Hennessy, but he's not drinking any, which is good because it would be counterproductive to his training. The clip is directed by Alex Ghassan.

In an interview with, Bamz reveals the story behind the song. “I’m not really private with my whole working process when I’m doing music; I get everybody involved,” he shares. “So me, Willie Hex and Ohla and my homie Chris, we all came up with the concept and the hook [for 'Mi Casa']... The beat is weird, it’s kinda different from the s--- I’d usually do."

"But it's real, it’s trap mixed with like poppy mixed with some real ‘Yeezus’-type sounds," he continues. "It’s dope, I like it. It’s some real futuristic sound. It’s got a whole bunch of elements in it -- it’s got some boom bap. The guy !llmind who produced it is ill.”

'Mi Casa' will be featured on Bodega Bamz's forthcoming mixtape.

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