This year was one of transition for many hip-hop artists. Some moved in a positive direction, seeing their dreams come true, and others had to deal with such pressures as continuing on without a fallen member. One legend passed away and another was brought back to life while other rap legends graduated other areas of entertainment, from the Hollywood big screen to the grand opening of big scale arenas. On top of that, two respected MCs reunited and reminded us why we celebrated them in the first place.

In 2012, rappers also proved that the old fashioned way of putting in work still pays off. Some say rap lost its "struggle" to tales of expensive taste, but artists who have been pushing their limits for years finally had their chance to glow during these last 12 months. Moreover, one fell in love and let their weaker side show on social media, while another received love all the way from the White House.

Lastly, one young rhymer was able to leap from the internet to the TV in less than a year just off his impressive mixtape. It's clear 2012 has been adventurous and a risk-taking time for many, which has worked in the favor of more than one. Click below to check out the rundown of the biggest rap moments of 2012.

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