Beyonce had a real scare during her concert in Sao Paolo, Brazil Sunday night (Sept. 15). While the R&B queen was performing 'Irreplaceable,' she kneeled down to greet fans and was nearly snatched off stage by a man. WTF?

It was all captured on video and it's pretty shocking to see. The man gives Beyonce a bear hug and pulls her down into the crowd. Luckily, Bey's security team stepped in and rescued her. Before the burly men could put a beat down on the unidentified fan, Beyonce told them no and asked for calm as she finished her song. What a performer!

Afterward, she then shook the man's hand and said, "It's all right. What's your name? I love you too." Aww, can you feel the love?

Talk about being the queen of cool. You would think Beyonce would have him rejected from the show. But no, she remained level-headed and calm. You go girl!

Meanwhile, before her near onstage abduction, Beyonce reportedly flew from Rio De Janerio to San Diego on Saturday (Sept. 14) to perform at the wedding of LeBron James and his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson.

What a trooper!

According to TMZ, Beyonce and her hubby, Jay-Z, performed 'Crazy in Love' at the ceremony for the newlyweds. However, US Weekly reports that Ne-Yo performed at the couple's reception.

Regardless of who performed, it looks like it was a crazy weekend for all parties involved.