Beyonce channels late pop artist Andy Warhol for Pepsi's Live for NOW campaign.

The artwork was sent out by way of Twitter and it's a colorful display of the R&B superstar, who has a deal with the soda giant worth $50 million.

The design, similar to Warhol's famous paintings of pop culture icons, features three photographs of Bey's beautiful face in various poses. In all the photos, she's painted with yellow hair, pink lipstick and aqua mascara. In one cute photo, Beyonce puckers up her lips like a fish.

This would make a great poster for the die-hard Beyonce fan or an eye-catching painting sold for charity. Either way, it shows how much Pepsi is devoted to Jay-Z's better half.

Pepsi, which is trying to reclaim its role as a curator and supporter of music, is funding Beyonce's future musical endeavors. As part of their Live for NOW campaign, the company wants to inspire everyone to live their life to the fullest. They plan to push their motto through various platforms including social media, music, partnerships and other branding opportunities.

Young Money star Nicki Minaj was the initial poster child for the campaign and now Queen Bey is taking over and is looking to inspire people all over the world. We think she did a good job of doing that with her dazzling halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII earlier this month.

Andy Warhol once said that everyone will at one time experience "15 minutes of fame." In the case of Beyonce, it looks like she will endure a lifetime of notoriety. And we are not mad at that.

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