Move over 'Gangnam Style.' Baauer's 'Harlem Shake' has turned an EDM cut into a national viral dance craze.

The song, released last year, has spawned a plethora of viral videos of late, showcasing people ranging from grandmas to the University of Georgia swim team (underwater!) shimmying about to the track created by Baauer, who's currently on the Big League tour with Just Blaze.

Indie darlings Matt and Kim also put their spin on the dance during a show. Even media companies like Hot 97 and BuzzFeed have started Harlem Shaking in their offices to cure the 3 p.m. blues.

Hip-hop heads may be wondering how this version compares to the original dance. The original Harlem Shake, invented reportedly back in the '80s in Harlem, was a dance popularized in music videos like G. Dep's 'Let's Get It' featuring Diddy and Black Rob, Fabolous' 'Young'n (Holla Back)' and Eve's 'Who's That Girl?'

The current version is less shoulder-based (and some would argue rhythm-based). It starts with one person dancing until the beat drops in Baauer's track and then the room erupts into a frenzy. Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to dance like a maniac.

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