In Ab-Soul's new video for 'ILLuminate,' he takes viewers into a post-apocalyptic world where the Stop Online Piracy Act has led to a destroyed civilization with no Internet, no hip-hop, no radio or television. Scary, huh?

In one scene, a man discovers Ab-Soul's 'Control System' album in some rubble and plays it on a banged-up turntable. It's then we see the Black Hippy emcee perform the song via a film projector on a building.

We also see a young kid pop a VHS tape (remember those?) into a VCR. On the tape, fellow Hippy member Kendrick Lamar spit his lines from the song. Both rappers talk about the struggles of trying to get their message out to impressionable youths.

Directed by Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleisman, Ab-Soul's inventive video sends an important message: Support independent rap and free speech.

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