Big Sean started in ‘Detroit,’ worked his way up to ‘Finally Famous,’ and now he’s being inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ in his career. To help celebrate the release of his new LP, ‘Hall of Fame,’ the G.O.O.D. Music MC partnered up with Hot 97 and the Source Magazine for a free album release concert at Terminal 5 in New York City Tuesday (Aug. 27).

The rapper performed an hour-long set of a handful of tracks off the new album plus several of his biggest hits and features throughout his career. Though the album dropped on Tuesday, ‘Hall of Fame’ leaked the previous week and fans were prepared to help the man of the hour on the lyrical standpoint. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Big Sean’s very own father came out to support the Detroit native at the special concert.

The Drop.Fm attended the 'Hall of Fame: Album Release Party' and compiled 10 lessons we learned from the ‘Guap’ rapper’s live show experience.

1. Funkmaster Flex Hasn’t Lost His Touch

Hot 97’s legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex was on the one and twos before the man of the night arrived onstage. He spun the hottest tracks of today and many throwbacks too, from Biggie to Trinidad Jame$ to The Lox. The concertgoers didn’t show enthusiasm for Drake even though Flex played several of his biggest tracks. However, one thing is for sure: everyone in the room was capable of reciting French Montana’s ‘Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ like they were being quizzed. That is definitely the song of the summer.

2. Big Sean Honors His Roots

Born as Sean Michael Anderson, from Detroit, Mich., he showed appreciation towards his parents throughout the night. Before going into ‘First Chain,’ he reflected on the time he was sitting in his mom’s “beat up” car and wishing “I am going to make enough money to buy her a new car.” And he did! His first special guest of the night was his father, it was an adorable and touching moment to see the two celebrate that moment.

3. The Rapper Could Be a Motivational Speaker

In case this whole rapping thing doesn’t work out, the ‘Fire’ rapper could go around the country spitting out inspirational words to those in need. Throughout the album release concert, Big Sean had an “it gets better” moment by saying, “If anyone has dealt with any troubles in their lives, you have to have positive hope.” How Joel Osteen of him. He also wished everyone in the audience could become a billionaire before they die. A girl behind in the crowd quickly responded with, “Yes, s---” with so much conviction.

4. A Random Lion Takes the Stage

To help promote ‘Hall of Fame,' a tiger mascot took the stage. The lion was a mixture of Kanye West’s ‘College Dropout’ bear mascot and Miley Cyrus’ scary and emotional bears she’s always hanging out with during ‘We Can’t Stop’ video and MTV Video Music Awards performance. The ‘Hall of Fame’ lion just danced around during two songs and then was never seen again.

5. Lyrics Aren't Always Memorized by Rappers

After performing a few tracks off the new LP, Sean confessed he was a little off with his wordplay. "This is the first time I have ever performed [them] so help me out," he said. "I might not know all the words. Swerve!" For the most part, the ‘You Don’t Know’ MC knew quite a few of the new songs' lyrics, but the fans definitely helped out for a majority of the show. Since the album was released yesterday, it's apparent many fans downloaded the project when it leaked due to their sing-along ways -- ain’t no denying it now.

6. Special Guests Make the Crowd Go Crazy

Big Sean brought out two surprise guests last night, including Juicy J, who performed ‘Show Out' and Wiz Khalifa, who did 'Gang Bang' to help show support. Between the two, Wiz was good, but didn't bring anything to the table other than the surprise factor, whereas Juicy J got everyone off their feet and straight out mental. Overall, no one can top Juicy, the man knows how to get people tripping.

7. Sean’s Physical Appearance Surprised People

Comments that kept recurring throughout the night from fans centered on what Big Sean looked like in person. From how skinny he was to how cute to how tiny he was on that big stage, girls chatted and swooned as they drank their vodka cranberry drinks. The best exchange of the night was between two fans. “Wow, he’s tiny!” one Sean supporter said. “Yeah, that’s why people rushed to the front so they could actually see him," the other pointed out.

8. His Supporters Are Into Threesomes

While performing ‘Mona Lisa,’ Big Sean shouted, "Make some noise if you love threesomes," which got the crowd going crazy. Not to be a Debbie Downer but we're sure a majority of those folks have never had the opportunity to be involved in a threesome -- but what do we know.

9. Free Stuff Is Awesome

Everyone likes free stuff, even Big Sean. He's like us and he knows his target audience does too, which is why he decided to put this special show on for his fans for free. He also reminded us he dropped the most talked about hip-hop track in years, ‘Control,’ for $0.00 a couple of weeks ago. Maybe one day he’ll release an album for free too -- probably not.

10. The Rhymer Really Loves His Fans

If there’s one thing we took from last night's show is how appreciative Big Sean is and grateful for where he is in his career and his fans. He took any moment he had to express to his fans how thankful he is for reaching his career heights so far and it wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for them. The ‘Hall of Fame’ album release concert was basically a thank you gift to his loyal supporters.

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