Grammy-nominated rapper Wale is ballin' out of control on his new song with fellow baller French Montana on the bass-heavy 'Back 2 Ballin.' The song will appear on the D.C. native's upcoming mixtape, 'Folarin,' which drops Christmas Eve.

On the track, Wale raps about losing gobs of money and being able to recoup any lost earnings without delay. "You deserve to be admired if you make it back quicker than you lost it," he raps on the street banger, which was produced by Cheese.

Frenchie stunts harder than a daredevil on here spitting, "Motherf---er, back to ballin' / I'm talkin' black Ferrari / Straight cash made of hundred forty stacks this mornin'."

Meanwhile, Wale boasts that he's back on his get-money grind and collecting cash like a sports athlete. "N----, back to ballin' / N----, I'm back like Patrick, Jordan / Never sold much dope, but I know some nights I heard that trappers callin'," he raps.

Now that the Bawse Rick Ross is moving his Maybach Music Group empire to Atlantic Records, Wale will certainly be ballin' hard in 2013. The 'No Hands' rapper hopes to drop his third album sometime in the spring. Wa alaikum assalam, homie.

Listen to Wale's 'Back 2 Ballin' Feat. French Montana