10 Hottest Hip-Hop Wives and Girlfriends
There's no doubt that being a popular and successful rapper has its perks. There's legions of adoring fans that hang on to your every word, you get to purchase exotic cars and you get to go to places that are even more exotic. However, some would say the biggest perk of…
Ludacris vs. Angel Haze – Rap Battle
Ludacris is the victor in this week's Rap Battle, taking 54.95 percent of the vote with his song, 'Raised in the South.' However, unlike previous battles, Mac Miller's 'S.D.S.' wasn't too far behind and received 45.05 percent of the vote.
Ludacris vs. Mac Miller – Rap Battle
With only 40.28 percent, Azealia Banks couldn't top Tyler the Creator and his track 'Slater,' which took 59.72 percent of the vote in last week's Rap Battle. Not only does this mean that Tyler has won yet again, but it also means that he is now the second rapper to enter the Rap …

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