Holy shizzle! Snoop Dogg has engaged in a few rap feuds in the past but this may be the biggest one of them all. The Doggfather has challenged Santa Claus to a historic rap battle. Yes, it's fo rizzle, my nizzle.

In a video from the popular YouTube series 'Epic Rap Battles of History,' Snoop -- dressed as Moses -- puts in some work against jolly Saint Nick. The veteran rapper throws some hilarious verbal jabs at Santa and even references his classic song 'Gin and Juice' in the process.

"So much drama in the Israe-L B.C. / It's kinda hard talking directly to the G-O single D / Hand me my chisel, I got a new comandizzle for y'all / Thou shalt not let children sit on a grown man's lap at the mall," he raps.

Not backing down, Santa fires back at the bearded prophet with this zinger, "I'm from the North Pole / That's why my rhymes are so cold / I spit diamonds / But I'm serving up some fresh coal."

We don't know who's the definite winner here, but we have to give props to MC Claus -- dude's got bars!

Who do you think won this epic rap battle between Snoop (as Moses) and Santa Claus? Tell us in the comments below.