Is referencing Miami crime flicks a thing now? Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home' video has its Michael Mann influences. Rick Ross' new 'No Games' video -- presented by Revolt TV -- straight up uses scenes from 'Scarface.'

The black-and-white video mostly uses the movie-ending sequence where Tony Montana dies in an epic shootout. It's a pretty ironic inclusion considering Rick Ross' drug kingpin narrative. Is this sort of a meta-joke from Ross?

In juxtaposition to these scenes, Ross is seen in a room basically in boss mode. He raps along to the song's lyrics while the camera zooms in on Ciroc bottles. We're pretty sure Montana wasn't much of a Ciroc guy (the liquor arrived in 2003).

'No Games' -- which features Future, who's not in this video -- is the first single off Ross' upcoming sixth studio album, 'Mastermind.' 'Self Made 3,' the Maybach Music Group's newest compilation album, is currently in stores.