Rapper Rhymefest recently had a heartfelt reconnection with his estranged father, whom he hadn't seen in over 20 years.

"I never really knew him. ... Now it's like we're catching up," said Smith, 35. "There's a lot of love," he told the Chicago Tribune.

The Grammy-award winning rapper, who achieved the accolade for co-writing 'Jesus Walks' with Kanye West, was raised by a single mother. His father was absent from his life and he decided it was time to search for him. His mother gave him contact information for his father's brother in Minnesota. His uncle then told Rhymefest of a friend who knew his dad and his whereabouts in Chicago.

When he walked into a library last week and called out his father's name, the two immediately embraced each other and shed some tears. Since then, Rhyme has caught up with his father every day over breakfast, bought him a cell phone, got him a haircut and invited him over for dinner at his home to meet his grandchildren.

Rhyme says it's hard to understand everything his father has gone through, but says it's important to let go.

"It's within our capability to love and forgive, and to move on with our lives as individuals," Smith said. "In order for me to be complete, I had to forgive."

The rapper also tweeted photos of his father and his family earlier this week. One caption read "Today's word is #FORGIVENESS."

As far as music goes, the rapper's last LP, 'El Che,' arrived in 2010. He currently spends most of his time as a community activist in Chicago.

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