Nick Cannon didn't let a minor surgery stop him from hitting the club.

The 32-year-old was interviewed by TMZ while on his way to a party. At the time, he sported a Band-Aid on his face, looking like he was inspired by Nelly circa early 2000s. "You know I got shot, you know this is my 50 Cent scar," Cannon joked. "I'm gettin' my Nelly on. You know it's all good, they had to take a culture [of the cyst]. Everything's cool."

The bandage was covering a grape-sized cyst he had removed from his left cheek. Recently, Cannon shared a photo on Instagram showing fans what the cyst looked like before he got it removed.

"I want to show y’all the pics of the removal but its too disgusting! #weakstomach," Cannon wrote on Twitter about the cyst.