Working with chart-toppers like Beyonce and Rihanna as well as newbies like 'American Idol' alum Jessica Sanchez and U.K. breakout Cher Lloyd, Ne-Yo would hardly be fazed by working with popular songstresses -- unless it's Celine Dion.

Ne-Yo has been in the studio with the 'My Heart Will Go On' belter. However, it wasn't penning songs for Dion that made him nervous. Instead, it was the fact that he got behind the mic to record a duet with the legendary pop singer.

"I also did a duet with her, and it was the scariest session of my life," he reveals to "I went into the session knowing we were supposed to do a duet. And it's Celine Dion! Celine Dion has one of the biggest and best voices in the music business period. I mean, my voice is OK. But in comparison to Celine Dion's voice, it's like a little Hot Wheels car versus a Lamborghini -- not exactly on the same level.

"So I was feeling very inadequate in my skill set during the session."

He continued to praise Dion's talent by sharing a moment they had in the studio together. "One day in the studio, she's alone in the vocal both and hitting notes and ad-libs and runs that I could never even dream to be possible of me," he says. "She's messing with her nails [belts series of high notes] like it's the most incredible thing you've heard in your life, and she's not even trying. So I'm like, 'What the hell am I going to do? You know, I'm going to get the hell out of there.'

"But at the end of the day, the song came together really well."

Aside from working with Dion, Ne-Yo also admitted to working on new projects with Trey Songz and Sanchez as well as possible collaborations with Drake and Miguel. As far as his own material, he's got some things in the works. "For me personally, I will be working on some new things soon," Ne-Yo shares.

Look out for one of his new projects with Cher Lloyd: a song the duo will record for frozen fruit bar company Fruttare.

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