Trey Songz

Trey Songz vs. R. Kelly – R&B Sound Off
Trey Songz has done it again. His latest track, 'Sensational,' has beaten R&B newbie Ariana Grande's 'Baby I' in last week's R&B Sound Off. She picked up 21.89 percent of the vote, which was not enough to beat Songz's 78.11 percent.
Trey Songz vs. Ariana Grande – R&B Sound Off
Trey Songz is still going strong with another win. The singer's track, 'Sensational,' dominated last week's R&B Sound Off by picking up 68.2 percent and beat out Dawn Richard's latest tune, 'Meteors,' which only picked up 31.8 percent.
Trey Songz vs. Dawn Richard – R&B Sound Off
Elijah Blake's 'Vendetta' just wasn't strong enough to topple Trey Songz and his new track, 'Sensational,' in last week's R&B Sound Off. With 89.8 percent of the vote, Songz dominated, which left Blake with votes of only 10.2 percent.
Trey Songz vs. Elijah Blake – R&B Sound Off
Kelly Rowland proves that she's a headliner with last week's R&B Sound Off win. With 90.49 percent of the vote, her song 'Gone' featuring Wiz Khalifa blew plast Melanie Fiona's 'Cold Piece,' which only received votes of 9.51 percent. This is Rowland's …

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