Lil Wayne's 2010 album, 'I Am Not a Human Being,' was praised as his most fun and experimental. The same could be said for his 2013 sequel, 'I Am Not a Human Being II,' out today.

The collection is certainly one of the most uneven efforts of his expansive discography. In many instances, it's hard to figure out the musical direction the album wants to go in -- it sounds like 'The Carter IV,' 'IANAHB' and 'Rebirth' all rolled into one.

Tunechi shines on some songs while on others, he'll leave you scratching your head ('Wowzerz'). Speaking of head, the Young Money leader raps about his penis more than we ever wanted to hear. Granted, Weezy is known for his explicit sex talk, cartoonish gunplay and hashtag raps that don't quite connect, but on 'IANAHB II,' he is all over the place.

The radio hits are on here: 'No Worries,' 'Love Me' and 'Rich as 'F---.' Standouts on the collection -- there are several -- include the solemn 'Back to You,' 'God Bless Amerika,' 'Lay It Down' and the rap-rock banger 'Hello.'

Some listeners may consider Wayne's rhymes tart and comical, but they are really nonsensical and unbecoming of a 20-year veteran emcee. We're not asking him to spit Shakespeare-like rhymes, but a coherent rap song would do wonders for him.

That being said, Lil Wayne's 'IANAHB II' will most likely be one of the highest-grossing albums of 2013. There are a few musical surprises on the collection but it's minimal.


Lil Wayne starts the album off with the most insane line about his manhood: "I'm in the crib butt naked bitch / She say my d--- could be the next black president." Later, he describes his penis like Megatron from the 'Transformers.' The song is full of oral sex references and scatological rhymes.

2. ‘Curtains’ Feat. Boo

An infectious bass-heavy anthem featuring braggadocio rhymes from the Young Money leader. The song could actually do well on radio if he ever releases it.

3. ‘Days and Days’ Feat. 2 Chainz

Another boastful track from Wayne, in which he describes his manhood as a shovel that digs into women's body parts. Nice (*sarcasm*). As usual, whenever he does a guest feature, 2 Chainz steals the show.

4. ‘Gunwalk’ Feat. Gudda Gudda

A head-nodding jam that will have you bouncing up and down in your chair. YM member Gudda Gudda shines on this track as the tandem spit that pro-gun talk. "Walking around this motherf---er limpin 'cause the nose on this pistol is long as Scotti Pippen's," raps Gudda. The NRA will love this song.

5. ‘No Worries’ Feat. Detail

By now, everyone should have heard this song. It's Wayne's first chart-topping single from 'IANAHB II.'

6. ‘Back to You’

Wow! This is actually a great track. Despite a few metaphoric rhymes about his penis and fellatio, Weezy raps about addiction and loneliness on this solemn, acoustic guitar-driven ballad. Produced by Fabian Marascuillo, the song has Wayne in that 'How to Love' zone. A big standout on this album.

7. ‘Trigger Finger’ Feat. Soulja Boy

Produced by Juicy J, this haunting track features Tunechi rapping about his rising body count when it comes to eliminating the haters. Soulja Boy makes a rap cameo on here and he sounds terrible. A skippable track.

8. ‘Beat the S---’ Feat. Gunplay

The song is kind of campy and fun. The standout on here is the production -- plenty of blipping synthesizers and a bouncing beat. Gunplay outshines Wayne on this track. The Maybach Music Group affiliate sounds just as boastful and powerful as a Smith & Wesson handgun.

9. ‘Rich as F---’ Feat. 2 Chainz

Currently, this is the hottest tune on radio. It's a a mindless rap song for the most-attentive listener. Otherwise, the only thing notable about the track is 2 Chainz on the hook.

10. ‘Trippy’ Feat. Juicy J

Produced by Juicy J, you know this song is going to be insane and it doesn't disappoint in that department. It's a little jarring to hear Weezy spit drugged-out rhymes, which seem to smack in the face of his rumored addiction to cough syrup (aka sizzurp). "Don't knock me off of my high horse, what I do is my choice / I'm high as the scoreboard, bitch look up at my points," he raps. Slow down, Wayne, slow down.

11. 'Love Me' Feat. Drake & Future

The most noticeable radio hit on this collection. Oddly enough, there's nothing on the album that even remotely sounds like the hip-pop vibe of 'Love Me.' Of course, Drizzy and Future's sing-a-long hooks make this song work. [Watch the Video]

12. 'God Bless Amerika'

Wayne gets introspective on this Cool & Dre-produced song and, shockingly, he's lyrically coherent. He spits a few comical punchlines on here. "I'm just a nut trying to bust a nut in a nutshell," he raps in one verse. Yeah, we're scratching our heads on that one too.

13. 'Wowzerz' Feat. Trina

Produced by Soulja Boy (no, we're not joking), Wayne talks about his penis, oral sex and his bedroom prowess on this stuttering 808 drum-driven banger. Trina manages to stand toe-to-toe (or body part-to-body part) lyrically with her sexualized rhymes about cunnilingus. Shockingly, the beat sounds fantastic, but Tunechi's lyrics are absurd.

14. 'Hello' Feat. Shane Heyl

Rock on! Wayne sounds right at home on this rap-rock jam. If you loved his rock-inspired 'Rebirth' album, then you will most likely enjoy this song.

Bonus Tracks (on 'IANAHB II' Deluxe Version):

15. ‘Lay It Down’ Feat. Nicki Minaj & Corey Gunz

A standout track, which reunites Weezy with his '6 Foot 7 Foot' collaborator Gunz and his YM starlet Nicki Minaj. Props to the electronic music duo Lunice and Hudson Mohawke for giving the trio a fun song to rap over.

16. 'Hot Revolver' Feat. Dre

A fantastic pop-punk song, which interpolates Green Day's 'Basket Case' and features Wayne at his most cheeriest. A great song that should have been included on the regular version of the album.

17. ‘My Homies Still’ Feat. Big Sean
This song was released in the summer of 2012, and features a spirited additional verse(?) from Big Sean.

Watch Lil Wayne's 'Rich As F---' Video Feat. 2 Chainz