Gille Da Kid and DJ Drama are back with 'King of Philly 2' to remind the fans and haters alike that the rapper still claims his throne.

Opening the project with 'I Swear,' he rhymes, "I'm the man in my city, nobody f---ing with me / They tried to get rid of me, but I ain't even tripping." Gillie has witnessed dudes come and go in Philly, but after the dust settles, he still remains.

With only one feature on the entire 17-track mixtape, 'They Ain't Doing Much,' Gillie goes in on the Drama production, showing why he should still be a force to be threatened by in the mixtape circuit.

Although he's hood rich, he still has 'Champaign Wishes' -- unfortunately the libation is spelled incorrectly on the track list -- and a shorty to take on trips. Not to sound like a sucker for love, Gillie just lets the ladies know that he's on a transition from that home grown money to the Donald Trump backs and he's looking for someone to "fly out to Saint Thomas for the hell of it." Letting the young lady of his desires know where he's at and where she could be, he raps, "I'm on some hood s---, I'm not a millionaire yet, but I'm hood rich."

Showing his dexterity and ability to rhyme about almost anything, Gillie illustrates why he's still a fixture in the City of Brotherly Love's music scene. As much we respect what Gillie means to his city and what he's done, this is a "what are you doing for me now industry," where people catch severe cases of amnesia. As this tape will definitely have a large impact on Philly, we're not sure if this will be a thunderstorm or a raindrop on the mountain of the industry as a whole.


Listen to Gillie Da Kid's 'King of Philly 2' Mixtape