Eminem has been low-key for sometime now but that doesn't mean he's not still making moves. The rapper is the executive producer of a new reality series following two owners of a sneaker shop called Burn Rubber in his hometown of Detroit.

The stars of 'Detroit Rubber,' Rick Williams and Roland "Ro" Coit, deal with the struggles of co-owning a business in a city going through economic ups and downs, all while trying to keep their family life in tact.

The show is three episodes in and has already brought in a quarter million views in its first week on the internet. Em, along with his manager Paul Rosenberg, are producing the show through Shady Films. The show is also being supported by the multimedia entertainment company Electus.

Even though 'Detroit Rubber' is centered on sneaker heads turning their passions into an entrepreneurial effort, viewers can expect to see some cameos from Detroit rhymers such as Big Sean, Mike Posner, Royce Da 5'9' and even Slim Shady himself.

'Detroit Rubber' airs every Tuesday on the Loud YouTube channel.

Watch Episode 3 of 'Detroit Rubber'