Las Vegas-bred rapper Dizzy Wright's 'The Golden Age' was one of August's more anticipated releases. The mixtape featured a variety of solid tracks, including the unashamedly positive 'World Peace.' The song just got the music video treatment, and the positive vibes are not at all lost in the clip.

On the hook, Wright raps, "Lately I've been feeling a certain way / Peace signs in every picture that I take." This isn't a fib.

The video features Wright traveling through Venice Beach, Calif., greeting people of various races and ages, while wearing a "Honk 4 World Peace" sign in other scenes. There's also a lot of rapping at the camera and peace signs thrown up.

The sunny visuals are directed by George Orozco.

Wright is still working after the release of this video. He's getting ready to embark on The Golden Age Tour with Hopsin as a co-headliner. Funk Volume label mate DJ Hoppa and Emilio Rojas will join the tour with Futuristic and Marcus Moody performing on select dates.

See The Golden Age Tour tour dates below.

The Golden Age Tour Dates

Sept. 7 - San Diego, Calif. w/ Hopsin
Sept. 8 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Rock The Bells
Sept. 10 - Santa Ana, Calif. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 12 - Santa Cruz, Calif. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 14 - Sacramento, Calif. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 15 - San Francisco, Calif. @ Rock The Bells
Sept. 17 - Portland, Ore. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 18 - Seattle, Wash. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 19 - Spokane, Wash. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 20 - Caldwell, Idaho w/ Futuristic
Sept. 22 - Salt Lake City, Utah w/ Futuristic
Sept. 23 - Colorado Springs, Colo. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 24 - Fort Collins, Colo. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 25 - Denver, Colo. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 26 - Lincoln, Nev. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 27 - Minneapolis, Minn. w/ Futuristic
Sept. 29 - Washington, DC @ Rock The Bells
Sept. 30 - Madison, Wis. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 1 - Iowa City, Iowa w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 2 - Chicago, Ill. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 3 - Detroit, Mich. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 4 - Cleveland, Ohio w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 5 - East Rutherford, N.J. @ Rock The Bells
Oct. 8 - Boston, Mass. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 9 - Providence, R.I. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 10 - West Chester, Pa. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 11 - Baltimore, Md. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 13 - Springfield, Va. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 14 - Richmond, Va. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 15 - Greensboro, N.C. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 16 - Wilmington, N.C. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 18 - Jacksonville, Fla. w/ Marcus Moody
Oct. 19 - Orlando, Fla.
Oct. 20 - Tampa, Fla.
Oct. 22 - New Orleans, La.
Oct. 23 - Houston, Texas
Oct. 24 - Dallas, Texas
Oct. 25 - San Antonio, Texas
Oct. 26 - Austin, Texas
Oct. 28 - El Paso, Texas
Oct. 29 - Albuquerque, N.M.
Oct. 21 - Tempe, Ariz. w/ Futuristic
Oct. 30 - Tucson, Ariz. w/ Futuristic
Nov. 1 - Las Vegas, Nev. w/ Marcus Moody