Rapper 2 Chainz got bagged by two broke girls Monday night. No, this is not a gossip story. The Atlanta rapper made his acting debut on CBS's comedy show, '2 Broke Girls.'

While he won't win an Emmy for his performance, the 'I'm Different' artist did do a good job playing the comic foil for the show's main characters, Max and Caroline. The role wasn't too difficult for him -- he played himself.

In the segment, 2 Chainz boards a private G5 jet en route to the Grammys; he then bumps into waitresses Max and Caroline, who are huge fans of his. While trying to get some sleep, the girls take Instagram photos of a blindfolded 2 Chainz for posterity. Of course, Deuces wakes up to find booty in his face, which probably happens to him all the time in real life.

Then Mr. Chainz and Caroline start rapping to the lyrics of his chart-topping hit 'Birthday Song' before finishing with his famous slogan, "Truu." The segment ends humorously when the pilot of the plane walks back in the cabin and says, "What's the party, players? I heard booty and I heard hoes, so I had to do a pop in," he jokes. Now that's too funny.

Skies the limit for 2 Chainz. Check out his performance on '2 Broke Girls' below.

Watch 2 Chainz's Appearance on '2 Broke Girls'