Rapper Yung Joc hasn't released a studio album since his 2007 sophomore effort, 'Hustlenomics.' But the Atlanta-born star is making a music comeback with a planned third studio album due out later this year. Yung Joc sat down with The Boombox for an interview and answered some burning questions from inquiring fans on Twitter. 

Despite some self-released mixtapes and singles, his presence in the hip-hop world has been, for the most part, relatively quiet for someone who was named number 20 on Forbes' Richest Rappers List in 2006. "I think when I came in, I came in so strong and there are a lot of adversities that I had to [overcome] as a man, as a business man and as a professional entertainer as well," he admits. "Through those feats, I found other ways to generate revenue. I've been quiet because quiet money is good money sometimes."

Joc has come out with a new track titled 'I Got Bitches' from his yet-to-be-titled album and defends to use of the word 'bitches'. "I was doing an interview for it and was asked, 'Has the word 'bitch' become the new term of endearment like the n-word? And I was kind of like, 'Yeah.'" He goes on to say, "I know I'm going to catch some flak from it. I'm making music. There are other things you can focus on."

Be sure to check out more from The Boombox's chat with Yung Joc by watching the video above, including talking about working with Lil Boosie and the origins of the Yung Joc Dance.