While people like Miley Cyrus are making twerking mainstream, the Ying Yang Twins return to give a fresh anthem for the craze with their new mixtape, ‘Ass in Session.’

The project contains 16 songs, which can be played in any strip club. The majority of production comes from Mr. Collipark, who has played a major role in the Twins' career.

‘Sayin’ My Word' finds the duo calling out the rappers biting their style and lyrics, especially during their hiatus. They demand respect, rapping, ‘N----s wanna use my slang, n----s wanna use our twang, they don’t wanna say our name, what part of that is the game.’

Kanye West and French Montana are some of the rhymers they name, as well as some veterans. "Excuse Mr. P. Diddy and Jay-Z, you presidents, if your artist use our lyrics don’t that make us relevant.”

Listening to tracks like ‘Make It Jump,’ ‘Giddy Up’ and ‘I Feel Like Dancing’ prove why the Ying Yang Twins were so successful in the mid 2000s. These songs capture their essence and style, which also contributed to their past hits like ‘Wait (Whisper Song),’ ‘Shake’ and ‘Badd.’

The fourth effort on the tape, ‘Jager Bombs Fireballs,’ shows a different style for the group. Bubba Sparxxx is featured for a bit of a reminiscent touch on the rock-tinged party track. "Jager bombs, fireballs, all night long / F--- last call / That's how we party 'round here," they rap on the chorus.

Continuing the theme of much of the project, you can’t twerk these days without ‘Miley Cyrus,’ which happens to be the first single. Touching on her appearance at Juicy J’s concert a couple months back, the group pays homage by rapping, “Bandz a make her dance, really though, so let me see you twerk it.’

After a brief hiatus, it looks as though the rap duo are making a comeback. ‘Ass in Session’ is the perfect effort to get your butt up and moving as you head to the strip club. Overall, it's exactly what you would expect from the Ying Yang Twins.



 Listen to Ying Yang Twins' 'Ass in Session' Mixtape

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