The follow-up to Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y's epic 'How Fly' project finally hits the net after months of anticipation. Wiz and Spitta Andretti team up again with their 4/20 dedicated 'Live in Concert' mixtape. Full of mood-setting tracks for stoners who don't need a day to light one, 'Live in Concert' gets the job done despite its relatively short tracklist.

The six songs -- only available on iTunes and some quality issues aside,-- make for a pretty dope tape. Wiz and Curren$y find that magic that made their previous collaboration great again here. On 'For Her,' Wiz raps, "So much weed, you see all them grams falling / Rolling so much that fingers are starting to cramp on me." Fingers cramping up from all that crushing isn't a bad pain if you really think about it.

The project keeps the flowing theme of weed throughout, but not to a point where it's redundant. Curren$y doesn't slack a bit on this outing either. On 'Toast,' he raps, "So much sicker than them n----s / I'm coughing they just got hiccups."

Combining talk of a lavish lifestyle with laid-back flows, 'Live in Concert' takes the listener higher, but doesn't get too far gone where the duo present unrelatable material. Keeping up with Spitta on 'Toast,' Wiz rhymes, "Like playing Xbox with weed socks, rolling round stunting / Ordering thousand dollar room service, not worrying about nothing." Sitting back smoking and playing 2K with your favorite stoner socks on is something just about every pothead can relate to.

'Live in Concert' is a solid outing from the stoner pair. Definitely worth copping off of iTunes.



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