After showing up beside Bodega Bamz in his 'P.A.P.I.' video, Willie Hex is now in the spotlight with his first solo visual for 'Troublesome.'

The up-and-coming Bronx rapper has decided to go the gruesome route in the clip. Similar to DMX's 'Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood' imagery, the camera cuts between shots of Hex covered in thick blood and images of him chilling on top of a brick wall, spitting verses with much vigor.

We were first introduced to Hex when he did that guest verse on Bamz's 'P.A.P.I.' -- "And I put her on the cam, no Killa." Then he was featured in Bamz's 'Navy' video as well as joined his fellow Tanboy onstage at Summer Jam XX on June 2.

Although this could be a bit much for some viewers, it definitely makes a strong entrance for this rising rap star.