Wale applauds the ladies who shake their derrieres for a living on 'Clappers.' The bouncy tune, featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J, appears on his upcoming album, 'The Gifted.'

Buoyed by a sample of E.U.'s 1998 hit 'Da Butt,' the song has a go-go vibe to it with its percussion claps and rhythmic drumming.

Right off the bat, Wale screams his rallying call for strippers. "Clappers to the front / Shorty got a big ol' butt / Oh yeah!" he raps. Then the DMV rhymer proceeds to rhyme about the finer things of the gluteus maximus.

Juicy J then comes through to spit some ratchet lyrics about strippers, weed and money.

"I'm high on the clouds and I'm not coming down / I'm so turnt up I can't find the ground," he raps.

That's followed by Minaj's standout verse about her glorious booty, plus, she gives a shout-out to her cellulite.

"I got ass for days / Come activate / These thoughts are on fire, evacuate / Throw it up in the air, evaporate / Where's your money and your bitches, evaluate / If you talking big money, elaborate / I'ma shake this s--- til I graduate," she raps.

If you are looking for the perfect twerking jam for the summer, look no further than Wale's 'Clappers.'

Wale's 'The Gifted' hits stores on June 25.

Listen to Wale's 'Clappers' Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J