Throughout Waka Flocka's career thus far, he's often said that he's not a traditional rapper and he has no interest in being lyrical, but on his latest release, 'From Roaches to Rollies,' it sounds like he might have changed that belief.

On songs like 'Took Off,' you'll hear that Waka has improved his flow tremendously, as he delivers a rapid cadence that only makes his threatening words sound even more menacing. And on '7 Days a Week,' he uses what some might believe is his best flow, because his delivery has a real tightness to it and doesn't appear to have any flaws.

It's evident that Waka has been practicing between releases, as his overall vocal performance on this tape is pretty solid.

However, on some songs, he falls back to his usual yelling-style deliver, pretty much screaming from the beginning of the song to the end, like on the cut 'Obituary' featuring Wooh Da Kid.

And on the song 'Ice Cream Cone,' Waka takes time to throw a couple of lyrical shots at Gucci Mane. Although the song clearly says it's a Gucci diss in the title, Waka doesn't do very much actual dissing on it, which ends up being a little disappointing.

There are times on 'From Roaches to Rollies' where things get a little repetitive too, like on the song 'Running Them Lips,' featuring Chazz, where Waka repeats the same uninventive hook one too many times. The same thing could be said about the cut 'Heavyweight,' featuring rappers Sony and Frenchie.

But the saving grace on the tape is Waka's improved vocal performance, which he continues to show on songs like 'Rainy Dayz,' where the producer uses a funky guitar riff that fits very well over Waka's new improved flow.

But unfortunately, some of the other beats on the tape don't have that over-the-top dopeness to them, and for some reaso,n there isn't a lot separation between the sounds and instruments used, which, at times, makes for an unpleasant listen.

Overall, 'From Roaches to Rollies' scores points for Waka's seeming desire to want to become a better rapper, which he has. It's always nice to listen to an album or tape when an artist is improving.



Listen to Waka Flocka's 'From Roaches to Rollies' Mixtape

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