The soul singing is back on 'American Idol', folks and we've got Vincent Powell to thank.

Paying homage to the Motown glory days, Powell's rendition of Lenny Williams' classic 'Cause I Love' was flawless. This was one of those performances where there would be panties thrown on the stage, as Nicki Minaj would say.

The best part of this set -- Powell's singing aside -- were the reactions in the audience and from the judges. Contestant Zoanette Johnson was in the background going nuts, Nicki was blushing and Randy Jackson looking like he was at a D'Angelo show were just a few signs that Powell commanded the stage.

Nicki admitted that his vocals hit her somewhere --where exactly, we'll let you ponder that. Her remarks proved that he was making it through to the top 20.

Watch Vincent Powell Sing 'Cause I Love You' on 'American Idol'