Tiara Thomas' feature on Wale's single, 'Bad,' provided a boost to her career. The singer's business with the rapper didn't last long though, as she decided to instead sign under Interscope through songwriter Rico Love's Division1 imprint -- Wale allegedly left Interscope after his 'Attention Deficit' debut didn't perform up to expectations. The songstress stopped by Hot 97 to talk with Laura Stylez about the situation.

She clears up any misconceptions by letting fans know she was never signed to Wale. "I was never offered a record deal until after 'Bad' was released," she said.

Although the split made her seem disloyal, Thomas noted that she met Rico Love last summer before linking with Wale. He heard her hook to 'Bad' before 'The Gifted' rapper did. "I remember playing it for him when I went to meet him in the studio, and he was like, 'Yo, this is your first single. This song is dope as hell.'"

Thomas said Love had offered her a record deal two weeks after hearing the song, and she finally accepted it because she "just felt like that was the most comfortable situation to be in."

When asked about the deal last month, Wale wished her well but went on to say he probably won't assist another artist the way he did with Thomas. "I got trust issues already. I was trying to do something special off loyalty, and based on that... I realized that everybody looking out for themselves," Wale said. "I need to start looking out for myself."

'Sallie Mae' is the project Thomas is currently working on. Although she said the EP won't include any features, she hopes to work with Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole in the future.

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