A weed head with a penchant for listening to gritty raps can't lay claim to that title without knowing the words to Three 6 Mafia's 'Stay High,' which appeared on their 2005 LP, 'Most Known Unknown.' The Academy Award-winning rappers crafted this infectious hit for those with a passion for toking up.

Lines like, "What's up Mary! Mary Jane! / Since I have met you, girl, you ruined my brain / You stole my heart, right from the start," are words stoners live by and "The bag of kush cost 650 / Have a n---- who smoke Reggie Miller coughin' and chokin' constantly," are easily relatable to those smoking the sticky green. Plus the song's zooted and tooted chorus encourages listeners to do just what the song title boasts.


Listen to Three 6 Mafia's 'Stay High'

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